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At CollegePoint, we love connecting our current students with CollegePoint Ambassadors – alumni of our program – because high school juniors and seniors find great value in speaking with current college students.

Below, you will find resources on how to connect students throughout the year to support them in the college process from researching schools, submitting applications, making a decision and enrolling on campus.


Steps for Making Connections

  1.  Share the Ambassador Gallery with your students and ask them to pick 2 or 3 ambassadors with whom they’d like to connect. (The hope is that in getting two names, at least one will say yes, but if neither are available, ask your student to select some other alumni.)
  2.  Grab Ambassadors’ contact info from the advisor-only page (password: Cp2019!)
  3.  Send an email or text message to the Ambassador asking if you can connect them with the student.
  4.  If they say yes, send an email introducing your student with the alum. Below is sample language you can use for making these connections. Be sure to customize any parts that are CAPITALIZED and in ITALICS.


Email to Ambassador to request making a connection

From: Advisor

Subject: Can I connect you with a CollegePoint student?


My name is YOUR NAME, and I am an advisor at ORGANIZATION with CollegePoint! I got your information from our CollegePoint Ambassador list and want to, first and foremost, thank you for offering your time to support students in the college application process!

I’m emailing to see if I can connect you with one of my students, STUDENT NAME, who is excited to connect with you about TOPICS because REASONS.

Would you be willing to have a short phone call with STUDENT NAME? If so, I’ll connect you via email!

No worries if you can’t make it work right now. Either way, let me know and I look forward to hearing from you!




Email to connect an Ambassador and a student

From: Advisor

Subject: CollegePoint Ambassador Connection


I’m emailing to connect you with a CollegePoint alum! I’ve copied AMBASSADOR NAME on this email who is excited to chat with you and answer your questions. They are currently attending INSTITUTION and ADDITIONAL INFO. It’s now up to you to reach out and schedule a call so that you can ask any questions you have that will help you make a decision about college.

Be sure to introduce yourself (the state where you live, where you’re at in the college process, etc.) and include some questions you have for AMBASSADOR NAME. I hope this connection helps prepare you for the important college decision that lies ahead!

AMBASSADOR NAME — I want to thank you for connecting with STUDENT NAME. Please feel free to contact me if there’s anything I can do to support. We greatly value your time and know your perspective and insights will be a huge help to STUDENT NAME!




Setting a student up to text an Ambassador

From: Advisor

Hi STUDENT NAME! You’ve been connected with a CollegePoint Ambassador — AMBASSADOR NAME at INSTITUTION! They prefer to be contacted via text, so here is their phone number: PHONE NUMBER. It’s now up to you to text them ASAP so that you can schedule a phone call and ask any questions that will help you make a decision about college! When you text them, I recommend saying something like this so they know who you are:

Hi AMBASSADOR NAME! My name is STUDENT NAME and my CollegePoint advisor shared your contact information with me so that I can ask you some questions I have about college! INSERT QUESTIONS.”

I’ll text you in a few days to make sure the connection was made. Have fun!


Below are some tips for students on how to use the Ambassador Gallery. Students can browse the full gallery or filter the cards following the instructions below.

1. Click on “Filter”

2. Click “Add filter”

3. Select a field to filter by clicking the arrow next to “Full Name”

4. You can sort “Conversation Topics” and select as many topics as you’d like by clicking the slider next to each topic.

CollegePoint Schools

[IN PROGRESS!] The CollegePoint Phone Book Access contact information for admissions officers and offices at CollegePoint Schools


CollegePoint Schools

The CollegePoint Schools list serves as an excellent point of reference in conversations with students around building a balanced list as well as a guide for reviewing lists that students have already created. These schools have high graduation rates, represent a diverse range of geographies and institution types, and include safety, match, and reach options for all CollegePoint students.

The CollegePoint Schools list includes 319 institutions that meet the following criteria:

  1. Undergraduate enrollment of 500 students or greater.
  2. Six-year graduation rates at or above 70% for three of the last five years. Six-year graduation rates must also have a five-year average (2010-11 through 2014-15) at or above 70%.
  3. Accredited and degree-granting as determined by the Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education.

The list also includes an additional 71 honors colleges at state institutions that have a graduation rate between 60% – 70%. Scroll down to see each list.


CollegePoint Schools Lists

Institutions with graduations rates > 70%

Honors College List (honors programs at state schools with grad rates > 60% < 70%)


Virtual Kickoff Convening – Session Recordings (August 2020)
Counselor Resource Guide (developed by Swarthmore)
DACA/Undocumented Guide (College Advising Corps)