CollegePoint Application Awards

CollegePoint Application Awards

You are eligible to earn up to $400 in CollegePoint Application Awards ($100 per application) by applying to four CollegePoint Schools list, at least two of which must come from your Customized List. Read on to learn more about these two lists.

Your customized list includes four colleges that may be a good match for you based on where you live, your family’s income and where past CollegePoint students were accepted and enrolled. These schools have high graduation rates, making them some of the top colleges nationwide.

You should have received your list by text and email from CollegePoint. If you’re still not sure how to find it, reach out to your CollegePoint advisor or organization. Be sure to schedule a call with your advisor as soon as possible to discuss your list.

You should let your advisor know, and they will be sure to share the correct list with you.

CollegePoint Schools are the colleges and universities in the United States with the highest graduation rates. There are a total of 319 great, affordable schools on this list, plus an additional 71 honors colleges at public institutions, that we encourage you to explore with your advisor.

You can earn $100 to $400 by applying to up to four colleges that may be a good match for you! See below for how to earn the most money for college.

  • Apply to 4 CollegePoint Schools, at least 2 of which must be from the Customized List — $400
  • Apply to 3 CollegePoint Schools, at least 1 of which must be from the Customized List — $300
  • Apply to 2 CollegePoint Schools — $200
  • Apply to 1 CollegePoint School — $100

If you apply and are accepted ​to a school that is on either the customized or CollegePoint Schools list, you will receive the full $400. If you are not accepted, it will count as one of the four applications.

Since Early Action applications are non-binding, Early Action applications to schools on your customized list or from the CollegePoint Schools list count as one of four of the applications that qualify for CollegePoint Application Awards.

If you are a finalist and you match​ at a school on your customized list or the CollegePoint Schools list, you will earn the full $400 in CollegePoint Application Awards.

If you are a finalist but you ​do not match​, you must move any applications to schools on your customized list or the CollegePoint Schools to regular decision in order for them to qualify for the CollegePoint Application Awards. In order to earn the full $400, you must still have at least two schools from your customized list.

You will verify that you submitted your applications by sending screenshots of confirmation emails, the common app dashboard or application portals with your CollegePoint advisor or advising organization. Your advisor or organization will review the exact process for how to do this with you. 

The screenshot must include all of the following: (1) your name (full name, first name and email or a verified email address you use regularly, (2) date of application submission, and (3) name of the institution.

You may submit your verification screenshots up until January 31 at 11:59 PM EST.

Whenever possible, you should submit information that confirms you have applied to an honors college. 

However, if extenuating circumstances make that impossible to do prior to January 31st (i.e. the application process is invite only after admittance to the school), there are two options you can take to ensure the application counts towards your awards earned:

  1. Submit confirmation of an honors college application or acceptance to your advisor or organization by February 28th at the latest. 
  2. Submit a confirmation of your application to the host institution along with an informal letter (an email) to your advisor or organization that states your intention to apply/enroll in the honors college at that school

Students who not US citizens may apply to any four schools from the CollegePoint Schools list and earn the full $400.

Your advisor will keep you up to date on your progress. Awards will be finalized and sent to you in early March 2020.

CollegePoint will send you a one-time preloaded debit card with your award amount to the mailing address you provide to your advisor or advising organization. The card can be used just like any debit card to withdraw cash from an ATM or use at any point of purchase at a physical location or online. 

You can use your awards to cover any college-related costs, such as your enrollment deposit, orientation fees, books and supplies, travel expenses or activities.

In order to receive your card, you will need to provide (1) your full name, (2) your mailing address, and (3) your date of birth. Make sure your advisor or advising organization has the most up-to-date information for you! 


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