Michael, Bridgeport, CT
Alma Mater: Yale University

Hi! I’m Michael Martinez, and I will be your Matriculate Advising Fellow as you navigate your post-high school plans. I’m from Bridgeport, CT but went to high school in a small charter school in New Haven, CT. I am a first-generation Hispanic at Yale University. I am a huge soccer fan (Go Barcelona) but I also watch the Yankees and Giants on a semi-regular basis. At Yale, I like to study political science, education studies, and environmental science in hopes of finding the perfect major. I like to spend time reading John Grisham’s books, watching Netflix, and enjoying the beauty fall brings to New England. I look forward to meeting and working with you over!

Add somewhere: Bridgeport, CT is home to the largest achievement gap in the country so my interest in education stems from ensuring all low income students have the equal opportunity to academically succeed.