Alexandria, Berkeley, CA
University of California – Berkeley

I was very fortunate to have a great deal of support along my own journey of applying to college. My parents, teachers, coaches, friends, and counselors rallied around me, helping me find scholarship opportunities, editing application essays, and finally in choosing a school. Still, the process was very stressful. remember constantly feeling anxious due to the uncertainty I was experiencing. Summoning all the effort that you’ve invested into high school on one online application is daunting, exhausting, and scary!

So many people played a role in helping me create a meaningful application and ultimately weigh which direction I’d pursue, it inspired me to find ways to recreate that experience for other students like me.  

It was clear that having access to resources allowed me to feel supported through the college application process, and it made me want to become a mentor myself. I was very excited to pursue the opportunity to become a CollegePoint advisor and make a meaningful difference. I’m grateful to be able to foster authentic relationships with my advisees to help them through one of the most challenging, exciting moments of their lives.