April, Hammond, LA
Attending University of Denver

Currently, I am a freshman at the University of Denver. I plan to double major in Biochemistry and Psychology with a minor in Spanish and Sociolegal Studies. I love the sciences, both natural and human, for they speak to each other. They can be used as tools for learning not only about this world but the creatures within it, including myself and other humans. Freshman year in high school exposed to me the beauty the sciences encompass, and now as a freshman again, I will continue exploring this beauty I have found.

I had the freedom to do the activities I desired with my mother always there when I need her. My mother guided me along when she taught me to drive at fifteen and opened my first checking account at sixteen. She has ensured me the strength to live on my own and figure tasks out for myself. Because of this, I am about to attend a wonderful university at an affordable price, so I think she did a pretty good job. However, my drive for academics was always internal. My mother never pushed me to be an outstanding student. She did not really know how to be one either, so I figured it out myself. I gave my all in my studies with all the resources available to me.

Throughout the years, I kept up with my academics, for acquiring knowledge is my safe haven and a passion of mine. School was a place I had control in my life, my domain, a home away from home. I love the challenges and goals academics presents to me in which I can overcome and accomplish.

Junior year of high school I discovered CollegePoint. My mentors aided me greatly in understanding the college application process while also talking with me about my daily stressors. The program pushed me to keep going further than I previously was. I applied to be QuestBridge Finalist, and my mentor supported me throughout the journey. During the weeks of my International Baccalaureate testing, my mentor was there cheering me on. Having a constant external support system is what people need at times. With the aid of my mentor, I gained the confidence to apply to schools I had never heard of before. More importantly, I discovered the university that is right for me.