Logan, New Orleans, LA
Attending University of Notre Dame in the fall

For me, going to Notre Dame is about more than just earning a degree – it’s about growing into the person I desire to become. Because of my low-income, first-generation background, my accomplishments, and my luck, I recognize education as a lever for meaningful change. I am passionate about education and equity because they have helped me get to where I am today. I decided to apply to college to experience what the world has to offer beyond where I grew up and to force myself into critical-thinking and social situations that will prepare me to become a leader in my community. While at Notre Dame, I want to acquire as much knowledge from fellow students and staff as possible to prepare me to serve people on a large scale and build a support group that encourages and advocates for each other.

I realized I want to be in the shoes of someone that helps others through difficult transitions after my experience with CollegePoint because that’s what my advisor Rachel did for me. When I first started working with her, I was taken aback by how much she sincerely cared about me, about my goals, and about my success. She extensively edited my dozens of college essays line-by-line, helped me draft important emails to university staff, and was always available to schedule a time I needed to talk. The best part is that it didn’t cost me a penny. I learned so much from our work together that I was even able to support some of my friends with their application essays!

My CollegePoint experience has helped me realize that the plentiful devotion of time and energy and a genuine willingness to help is paramount to the success of many.

At Notre Dame I plan to study Marketing with minors in the Education, Schooling, and Society program and the Innovation and Entrepreneurship programs. I then hope to pursue a graduate program and broaden my hands-on experience to ensure marginalized students from the Greater New Orleans area are afforded continuing-education opportunities. Like Rachel, I want to make sure students can realize their goals of post-secondary education, learn more about themselves and those around them, and pursue a fulfilling and happy life as a result.