Maya, Tucson, AZ
Attending Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in the fall

There was never a time where I was not focused on getting into college and furthering my education. Learning was— and continues to be— something I genuinely enjoy. When high school came around and I finally had to start concentrating on the reality of college applications, I was determined to finish the process efficiently and successfully. However, with this determination was a vast oblivion to what actually goes on in the admissions process. While the internet proved to be helpful, with resources like the College Board and other school-search engines available, it also became overwhelming. By my sophomore year, I only had one school in mind that I wanted to attend. Even during my junior year, though my repertoire of schools had expanded, the range was still not big enough to actually lead me to success. Furthermore, I had no understanding of the financial aid process, which was one of the key components I had to examine in deciding where to go to school after I graduated.

That was when I was introduced to CollegePoint. After getting signed in and familiar with my mentor, CollegePoint became the most helpful tool for applying to college during my senior year.

Though in my own case my school was focused entirely on college-preparedness, there are certain limitations on how much a teacher or counselor can help a student during the school year. CollegePoint was special because it gave me the opportunity to meet with someone close to my age who had recently undergone the same process I was about to embark, and at times outside of school and for however long we needed to complete a task together. This would not have been possible had we no way to communicate virtually. I’d say that virtual advising from someone who was there for me, and not my entire class too, was extremely useful in that it allowed for specific insight and guidance. I definitely valued this opportunity, and gained a better understanding of the college application process and how to put myself out there for others to see me. Throughout this process, the biggest challenge I overcame was the self-induced doubt of success, because I learned that with help and structure, I could put my best foot forward with confidence.